Dental Technology

Dr. Thomas unfailingly provides precision dentistry. When you need care at our office, rest assured that we use the latest dental discoveries to enhance the quality of your dental care. Advanced technology results in:

  • More accurate diagnoses and treatment that really works
  • Restorations that fit better and feel more like natural teeth
  • Durable, well-placed restorations
  • Dental work that looks identical to natural teeth
  • A safer and more comfortable patient experience

Some of the technology we utilize is detailed below.

Digital Photographs

Before and After Pictures

Digital photographs allows our dentist to see everything she cannot detect with the naked eye. Digital photos enable us to detect cavities between the teeth, determine the strength of the jawbone, examine cysts and tumors, and more.

With digital imaging, exposure time is about half of what it is with traditional x-rays. Digital x-rays also provide us with crisp, clear images for more accurate information.

Dr. Thomas provides her patients with high resolution before and after pictures so they can see the difference in their smile.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays offer greater clarity since we can view the images on a computer monitor instead of film. Digital x-rays also decrease radiation exposure significantly, exposing patients to only 1/6th the radiation of traditional radiographs.

Rotary Endodontics

Rotary endodontics involve electrically-powered instruments to perform root canal treatment. These sleek instruments replace the stainless steel manual files.

These unique instruments are flexible and move uniquely. Advantages of rotary endodontics include:

  • A smoother root canal with more reliable results
  • Fewer chances of complications after the procedure
  • A shorter root canal treatment
  • Quieter and smoother tools, with no loud grinding sounds
  • A more comfortable and relaxing endodontic experience

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