Dr. Thomas strives to save damaged teeth, but in some cases, tooth extraction may be preferable. For example, patients who have severely damaged teeth or insufficient space for wisdom teeth may get the best results with a removal.

If you require a tooth extraction, we will evaluate your tooth or teeth and determine if you require a specialist like an oral surgeon to perform the procedure to maximize your comfort. In addition, we will make the necessary appointment referral consultation for you and plan your teeth replacement options in detail beforehand so that the procedure is comfortable and the final outcome is a successful experience.

When are Extractions Necessary?

Dr. Katrice L. Thomas always exercises a conservative style, with extraction as a last resort. Nevertheless, there are some cases in which tooth or teeth removal is the best way to protect your future health.

Some situations that may cause need for an extraction include:

  • Advanced decay that cannot be repaired with a dental restoration.
  • A severe dental infection.
  • A large crack in the tooth that extends to the dental roots.
  • Loose teeth due to gum disease.
  • Baby teeth that have not yet fallen out.
  • Wisdom teeth that may become impacted.

The most commonly extracted teeth are wisdom teeth. When these teeth begin to come in during your teens or early twenties, you should see Dr. Thomas for a consultation. She will administer an exam to see whether the wisdom teeth might instigate oral pain or bodily infection, and then help you decide if removal is the next step.

What Will my Tooth Extraction Involve?

Each procedure is unique, varying based on the location and position of the tooth. Before we remove the tooth or teeth, we will provide you with local anesthesia.

During the extraction procedure, Dr. Thomas will gently rock the tooth back and forth to loosen it in the socket before she lifts it from the jaw. For teeth that have not yet emerged, she will recommend that you see a specialist, an Oral Surgeon, to perform the procedure.

If you feel anxious about your dental extraction, share your concerns with Dr. Thomas. She listens to her patients and makes sure that they have a comfortable experience.

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