Oral Cancer Screening

Why is it important to receive an oral cancer screening each year? Because while oral cancer can be easily treatable in the earlier stages, it steadily becomes a deadly disease.

This visual and physical exam of your mouth and connected tissues will either:

  1. Reassure the patient that there are no problems and that they are in good oral health.
  2. Show signs that may indicate oral cancer.

If we diagnose you with oral cancer, you can seek further information and treatment immediately, and increase your chance of recovery

What to Expect from the Screening Process

Even patients who have not seen any symptoms of oral cancer should receive their yearly screenings. The National Cancer Institute states: “cancer screenings should take place before symptoms begin to show.”

When you come in for your oral cancer screening, you can expect this simple process:

  1. Dr. Thomas will visually examine your face, lips, neck, nose, and mouth. Using a light and a mirror, she will look for signs of oral cancer like discoloration, swelling, and bumps.
  2. Because cancer often manifests as lumps, Dr. Thomas will touch your jaw, cheeks, head, and chin to check for unusual nodules or swelling.
  3. She may use specialized technology and tools to complete your oral cancer screening. From brush biopsies to specialized dyes, every part of your screening will be quick and painless.

What Happens After an Oral Cancer Screening?

An oral cancer screening is precautionary rather than diagnostic. If Dr. Thomas finds any abnormalities, she will guide you through the next step of the diagnostic process. If she does not detect any problems, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you do not need further care.

If you have neglected your dental health for any reason, take the time to contact us right away. Call us to schedule your dental exam and oral screening today.