Root Canal Treatment

Before root canal treatments came along, patients who suffered from diseased teeth would have no choice beyond tooth loss or extraction. Today, with a root canal procedure, the natural tooth can usually be saved.

Inside each tooth there is a collection of soft tissues and nerves, called the pulp. The pulp provides nutrients and sensation to the tooth. When the pulp becomes diseased or injured, the tissue around the nerve dies.

Sometimes damaged pulp can go unnoticed, while other times it can be extremely painful. Either way, it is critical to remove the dead tissue before it leads to an infection.

Causes for Treatment

Some of the conditions that may cause damaged pulp include:

Trauma | A physical blow to the mouth or continual grinding and clenching can weaken the tooth, putting it at risk.
Dental Work | If you have had deep decay or injury in the past, you have a greater chance of experiencing nerve damage.
Gum Disease | As gum disease escalates, internal dental damage becomes a threat.

Root Canal Procedure Steps

Dr. Thomas makes your comfort her first priority. There’s no need to be nervous about your root canal procedure.

  1. We will provide you with local anesthesia and sedation options to help your treatment be pain-free.
  2. The dentist will remove the diseased root pulp and replace it with dental fillers.
  3. We will restore the visible part of your tooth with a crown or filling to protect it.

Your root canal treatment can be accomplished within just one to two appointments because at our single-dentist practice, we believe in providing patients with focused and personalized attention.

Early Detection is Key

A timely root canal can save a tooth that otherwise would have been lost entirely. The best way to prevent tooth loss is by brushing and flossing consistently and visiting your dentist regularly for checkups. The sooner you treat tooth damage, the simpler your procedure will be.

If you are experiencing dental discomfort, decay, or trauma, it is important to seek dental care as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!